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Kirkland Restaurants

What’s better than waterfront dining? Not much.....nearly everything is better when done on the edge of a sparkling lake! Kirkland’s expansive lake-front shoreline, as well as its diverse and interesting commercial and retail neighborhoods, offer an abundance of choice when it comes to eateries - waterside, street-side, global and otherwise. Kirkland’s restaurant scene is known for its quality and diversity. Our City's food offerings bear a strong international influence, reflecting the multicultural nature of its residents as well as a sophisticated and contemporary global palette. Sizzling Korean hot plates, warm and savory Asian noodle soups, just-caught fresh seafood, seasonal local produce, spicy South Asian stews and so much more combine with stunning views and buzzy commercial sidewalks to blend backdrop with culinary prowess for spectacular dining experiences to suit all tastes and budgets.


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Seasonal Winter Market

Find artisanal crafts and delights for the holidays. Visit the Kirkland Downtown Association Page to…