Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland, WA, boasts not only breathtaking views but a thriving business scene that adds to the city's allure. In February, we set out to explore the distinctive neighborhoods of Lakeview, Central Houghton, and Bridle Trails, uncovering the hidden gems and remarkable businesses that make each Kirkland neighborhood a unique destination. 

Lakeview: Where Scenic Beauty Meets Business Brilliance 

Lakeview, with its stunning waterfront and parks, is a feast for the eyes and a haven for fantastic businesses. 

Waterside Dining Delights: 

The lakeside charm of Lakeview is epitomized by Carillon Point, with restaurants offering delectable seafood with unparalleled views of Lake Washington and a peek of the Seattle skyline. Outdoor enthusiasts can savor both the cuisine and nature at the marina, known for its expansive patio overlooking the water. Don’t miss the local hang at BeachHouse bar + grill, with brunch and casual lakeside dining, this is a favorite.  

Artistic Enclaves and Cultural Hubs: 

Lakeview contributes significantly to Kirkland's cultural scene through the NYB Fine Art Gallery, exhibits museum-quality contemporary fine art and provides a space for creative expression. 

Local Wedding Boutiques: 

Unique finds await at Drea K Designs, a local bridal boutique known for its professional tailoring services, offering an experience for brides with a flair with a touch of Lakeview's charm. 

Central Houghton: A Tapestry of Culture and Commerce 

Central Houghton, known for its welcoming atmosphere, holds a rich tapestry of businesses that contribute to the neighborhood's unique historic character. 

Culinary Chronicles: 

Central Houghton's culinary scene is rich and diverse, with family-owned gems like BiBi Mediterranean Inspired Food and Specialties, offering an intimate Mediterranean dining experience, and is a staple for the locals. 

Community Engagement and Events: 

The neighborhood buzzes with community spirit through new locations like Studio East in the Houghton Village, where creatives actively engage with local kids, helping to create a tight-knit community. 

Historical Hideaways: 

Preserving the neighborhood's history, Henry Bischofberger Violins is a family-owned store for violins, cellos, and violas with deep roots, serving our community and showing a glimpse into Central Houghton's evolution over the years. 

Bridle Trails: Equestrian Elegance and Business Bliss 

Known for its expansive green spaces and equestrian influence, Bridle Trails neighborhood offers a unique blend of nature and commerce with easy access to Bridle Trails State Park. 

Green Oases and Indoor and Outdoor Adventures: 

Outdoor enthusiasts in Bridle Trails find solace at DeYoung Park, or should those classic PNW rainy days strike, TechCity Bowling provides an essential dry spot for a day of fun.  

Hidden Gems Off the Beaten Path: 

Tucked away in Bridle Trails, Aleron Training Stables offers a unique equestrian arena for the horse lover in all of us, a hidden gem that deserves attention. 

A Tapestry Woven in Business Brilliance 

Kirkland's Lakeview, Central Houghton, and Bridle Trails neighborhoods paint a canvas of diversity, community, and commerce. As we traverse through these areas, exploring their unique businesses, we gain a deeper appreciation for the distinct charm each neighborhood brings to Kirkland. Your insights have enriched the narrative of Kirkland's thriving business scene in these remarkable locales. Together, let's celebrate the essence of these neighborhoods that make Kirkland a truly special place in the Pacific Northwest.