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Global Impact, Local Commitment: The Purpose-Propelled Partnership of Impactika Consulting and Conscious Capitalism

In the vast landscape of purpose-driven business and conscious capitalism, Impactika Consulting, headquartered in Kirkland, WA, emerges as a beacon of global impact with a steadfast commitment to improving the impact of nonprofit work. In February 2024, Impactika Consulting proudly announced its recent certification as a Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MBWE). This accomplishment not only reflects the commitment of Impactika Consulting to diversity and inclusion but also opens up new avenues for government funding earmarked for women and minority founders in Washington state. 

Founder Yavnika Khanna expresses her enthusiasm, stating, "This certification bolsters our commitment to a preferred cause: supporting diverse businesses. It not only allows us to access government funding but also creates opportunities for longer-term partnerships to amplify impact." 

Impactika Consulting: A Global Force with Local Roots  

Impactika Consulting is a digital marketing, strategy, and social change consulting firm that transcends geographical boundaries to help for-purpose organizations worldwide tackle the toughest challenges. With a cultivated team of passionate changemakers and thoughtful storytellers dedicated to producing exceptional results for their clients, the firm specializes in providing strategic guidance and execution capabilities to organizations committed to social good. Despite its global reach, Impactika remains deeply rooted in its Kirkland, WA headquarters, exemplifying the essence of a global company with a local heart. 

Conscious Capitalism in Action: The Purism Case Study 

One compelling example of Impactika's global impact and local commitment is the collaboration with Purism, a California-based Social Purpose Company producing privacy-first laptops and mobile phones. Todd Weaver, the founder of Purism, embarked on a mission to build a company that respects users’ digital rights and is backed by those who care about privacy and freedom. Impactika worked closely with the Purism team to build and amplify their ethical marketing practice. In their collaboration with Impactika Consulting, Purism's commitment to positive social impact extends beyond the local realm and into the global community. 

Local Impact Through Diversity and Inclusion: Beyond Traditional Consulting Roles  

Diverse, Inclusive, and Committed to Social Impact 

As a 100% woman-owned business, Impactika Consulting actively seeks diversity in all areas to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. The firm operates as a safe workplace and pledges 80 hours of pro-bono consulting annually to social enterprises unable to afford marketing consulting fees. 

"With each pure-profit client, we serve one non-profit, helping to amplify their social impact," says Khanna. Impactika Consulting is proud to operate from a LEED certified office space, further emphasizing their commitment to sustainability. 

Local Investment, Global Vision: Impactika's Commitment to Kirkland 

In addition to their global initiatives, Impactika Consulting remains committed to investing in and supporting the local Kirkland community. As a global company with a local base, Impactika recognizes the importance of contributing to the well-being and prosperity of the community that nurtures its roots. This commitment to local investment adds a unique dimension to their purpose-propelled journey, creating a positive impact that resonates globally and locally. 

Connecting Communities: A Call for Local Nonprofits in Kirkland 

As Impactika Consulting continues its mission of global impact with local commitment, nonprofits in Kirkland, WA are encouraged to explore the resources and collaborative opportunities offered by Impactika. The firm's expertise in digital marketing, strategy, and social change consulting can potentially enhance the capabilities of Kirkland’s nonprofits, fostering a shared journey towards positive social impact. 

Purpose-Propelled: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities 

Impactika Consulting specializes in digital marketing, strategy, and social impact services. The firm focuses on helping for-purpose organizations address the world's toughest challenges in digital rights, social and economic justice, education, and more. Their purpose-propelled® consulting approach ensures that each client receives tailored solutions to achieve their social impact goals. 

"Our legacy is you and your work," concludes Khanna, emphasizing the firm's dedication to their clients and the positive change they collectively aim to bring about. 

For businesses and organizations seeking expertise in marketing and effective communication for social change, Impactika Consulting stands ready to partner with you on your journey toward a better, more inclusive future. Remember, at Impactika Consulting, Purpose-Propelled Starts with Us. 

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