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Elevated Wellness: Annette Griffith's Impactful Journey in Kirkland, WA 

In the vibrant city of Kirkland, Washington, Elevated Wellness Coaching, owned and operated by the visionary Annette Griffith, stands as a testament to holistic well-being. Annette's path to coaching was preceded by an illustrious 20-year tenure in the corporate world, including a remarkable 13-year stint at Microsoft and independent consulting roles at Viacom International, Paramount Pictures, and Victoria Clipper. Her expertise in human resources, particularly in leadership and organizational development, career coaching, and change management, laid the foundation for her transformative coaching career. 

Drawing from her rich corporate background, Annette Griffith has seamlessly integrated her vast experience into her coaching methodology inspired by her life experiences and the certifications completed with Deepak Chopra’s Global Foundation. Annette is a Chopra certified Well-being Coach and a teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation and Ayurveda Health. The knowledge, concepts, and techniques Annette acquired from her Chopra certifications are the bedrock of her holistic coaching philosophy, crafted to empower individuals on their wellness journey while encapsulating the whole person:  Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Annette's transformative coaching is driven by her passion for witnessing others realize their inherent potential. After partnering with Annette, her clients experience life with more peace, and fulfillment and can let go of the conditioned limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that hold them back from living their best life. Her clients shift their thinking and beliefs about themselves, bringing deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, confidence, and empowerment. The joy and fulfillment she derives from guiding individuals toward their pure potential are evident in her coaching practice at Elevated Wellness. For Annette, transformational coaching represents a profound opportunity to guide others along their paths. Her coaching philosophy transcends traditional paradigms, aiming to shift mindsets, nurture overall well-being, and illuminate the unique talents, skills, and energy within each individual. 

Annette's coaching sessions reflect her commitment to fostering an environment of unconditional positive regard. Her approach involves creating a space of presence, active listening, and insightful reflection. Through thought-provoking questions and guidance, Annette helps her clients craft a path aligned with their present selves while paving the way toward the life they aspire to create. Her coaching sessions aren't just about setting goals; they're about nurturing a mindset that aligns with one's deepest aspirations and guiding clients to manifest their dreams into reality. 

“My coaching approach is personalized. I meet my clients where they are in their current phase of life, and together we activate a plan for the future that brings peace, fulfillment, and felt sense of connection. I assume you are already creative, resourceful, and whole. There is nothing to fix, just rediscover," says Annette.

In essence, Elevated Wellness Coaching embodies Annette Griffith's transformative journey—a journey from the corporate corridors to the transformative coaching experience she has established in Kirkland. Her fusion of corporate acumen, her life experiences, and the certifications from Chopra Global continue to shape the lives of individuals, guiding them toward embracing their true potential and purpose. 

Elevated Wellness Coaching is rooted in Annette Griffith's unwavering commitment to empowering individuals in Kirkland, WA, and beyond. Annette's coaching practice reflects her profound gratitude for being able to guide others in embracing their unique purpose and capabilities, fostering a community where holistic well-being thrives.

Check out the video for an in-depth look into Elevated Wellness Coaching and get to know Annette Griffith who is doing such important work in the City of Kirkland.

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